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  • • Accelerates digital strategy for banks and fintech companies
  • • Increases digital control for financial institutions to address customer needs
  • • Enhances business processes by creating, managing and optimizing the end-to-end customer experience
  • • Performs automated analysis on every metric and dimension that helps to predict the most effective approach to serve to the right person at the right time
  • • Saves marketers and analysts a ridiculous amount of time
  • • Develops better connection with consumers that increases performance of customer service and support
  • • Allows to automate administrative process associated with the in-depth analysis of data on client base of the company
  • • Understanding of customer’s profitability, which ensures the development of the right strategy for the customer

  • • Captures feedback from all your customers across every channel
  • • Transforms data into insight in real time
  • • Makes data actionable for everyone across a company

  • • Gives capability to automate whole cycle of credit process which includes different scoring models for credit products (consumer’s credit, mortgage, credit cards and etc.)
  • • Offers opportunity to integrate external resources: core banking systems, credit offices, state centers for pension payment, black and white lists, base of cheaters and lost documents
  • • Allows request scoring process, cheating detection and limits management
  • • Provides uniform database of debtors
  • • Gives access to complete history of communication, planning and control activities by the debtors
  • • Affords information about clients who have arrears under contracts of bank loan that was not repaid

  • • Assesses the creditworthiness of the person
  • • Estimates based on numerical statistical methods
  • • Makes decision to approve or refuse the granting a credit based on points system

GRC (Operational Risks, Regulatory Reporting)

• Synchronizes information and activity across governance, risk management and compliance to operate more efficiently

• Contains different models for monitoring, estimation, forecasting and risk control

• Builds matrix of operational loss according to risk objects

• Collects data on current and potential risks and losses

Anti-Fraud Management

• Provides specialized data model from all the resources on calculations, customers, transactions, employees and black lists

• Determines an unusual behavior, a possible cheating prognosis, signals of suspicious operations in opening accounts and implementing banking operations

• Includes automation of research processes

Anti – Money Laundering System (AML)

• Reveals coincidences of terrorism and public officials, detects suspicious operations

• Automatically points customer’s risk level on base of the scoring system, forms reports and consolidates customer’s data

• Automatically reveals connections between client’s accounts

• Gives opportunity to easily track flow of funds

• Reduces time to analyze data and detect suspicious patterns


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